DSpace Services & Solution - DSquare Technologies India

DSpace is an Open Source Institutional Repository solution, used primarily to create open access repositories for storing digital content. DSquare Technologies is focused on providing solution in and around DSpace. We have implemented and supporting DSpace Repositories for multiple institutions like National Institute of Immunology, National Centre for Integrated Pest Management, Repository in Judiciary, Federal sectors etc. Work done by us comprise of:

 Open Access research repositories to facilitate public access to publicly funded research within Universities.
 Local Government library solutions to allow online access to local resources.
 National learning object repositories, using customized DSpace integrated with third party solutions.
 Private and secure repositories which facilitate preservation and control access for distributed work force.

In our work to date, we have customized many aspects of DSpace from look and feel to core changes around content ingestion, metadata crosswalks, faceted browsing, license restrictions etc. A key challenge of many of these projects has been integration to third party systems including research support systems and collaboration portals.

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