Document Viewer for DSpace

DSquare Technologies' viewer enable users to view documents on desktop without having desktop reader on user’s desktop.This Add On created by DSquare Technologies helps in overcoming DSpace’s limitation of server based document viewing and need of downloading document every time you want to view. Following are highlights of our Server based Document Viewer

  1. Online PDF Viewer provide document reading facility without having in PDF reader installed on user’s desktop
  2. Multi-mode content publication: Our viewer provide classic single page mode and flip book viewing option for reading PDF files in flip mode. In history of DSpace digital library solution, we are providing flip book viewer for first time which provide facility of viewing documents in classic document scroll mode and flip book mode
  3. Responsive viewer ensuring compatibility with all platforms i.e. Desktop, Tablet and Mobile e.g. user can view PDF files online in Windows / Linux / iOS desktops, tablets / Smart phones (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry)
  4. Our viewer gets installed at server of your organization and ensure that no document goes on any third party server like Scribd or Google Docs for online viewing purpose
  5. Perform streaming in order to reduce document load time for large documents like Thesis and Journals
  6. Full text search option along with facility of highlighting search results enabling users to make search within PDF files
  7. Platform independent solution ensuring deployment on Windows / Linux servers

What you gain by selecting Document Viewer of DSquare Technologies

  1. Secured access of contents
  2. Restriction on Un-Authorized distribution of contents
  3. Improved content accessibility
  4. No need of desktop based viewer for content viewing
  5. Identical appearance of documents across multiple platforms